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Deep Sea

 The creature looked like it came straight out of a Lovecraft novel. A gargantuan mass of writhing tentacles and jagged teeth, it was easily hundreds, perhaps thousands of times bigger than our submarine. I counted at least ten massive eyes, each filled with pure menace as it drifted through the inky depths.

Already Jenny was switching off the lights and steering us away. If it saw us and decided to attack, we would be crushed like ants. We sped away, hearts pounding with the terror that any moment now we’d feel a tentacle wrap itself around us and crush.

“We need to get out of here,” said Jenny once the creature was out of sight. “Let’s go.”

“We can’t! We came down here to look for new species, and the second we see one we’re just going to run away? We’re like insects compared to that thing, it probably won’t even see us.”

“Let’s stay a little longer, but go carefully.” I said.

Later, I looked outside and saw the creature in the distance.

“Watch out, it’s back.” I warned. Then I noticed something strange. It was lying motionless on the ocean floor. A dark cloud was emanating from it, and I realised it was blood.

“What’s wrong with it?” Nervously, we edged closer.

It was dead. Huge gashes had been torn into its body, and several tentacles had been ripped clean off. We stared at it for a minute, processing what this meant.

“Something killed it,” Jenny whispered. “What could possibly have killed that?”

“That,” croaks Mike, pointing. I turned to look as the second creature’s cyclopean maw opened wide to swallow us whole.

Credits to: DarkAlliGator


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