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NOTE: These were journal entries dated centuries ago found in the Deserts of Arizona. FBI kept the journal entries a secret from society and the entries have been written in a mysterious other language. I am a retired FBI agent who has decoded the entries and decided to post them.

Entry #1:

The first part I could not decode but then the other half I could.

The figure follows me into the night. Chilling into my spine never getting a good look Death has come upon I do not remember anything Amnesia has snuck up onto me I do not know who i am i woke up in a desert 3 figures look upon me I get up with my knife and stab one the other two attack. I fended myself as much as could and ended up killing other 2 madman I am madman..

The Symbol.
Added by Hobbes07
This 2nd Part had a strange symbol on it. I drew a better picture of what I saw.
ThE SymBoL GruSome death awaits it's true calling. tHe Figure appears again looking at me with its dead cold blood eyes when The Figure watches me in SleEp cannot explain True hell in his eyes cannot move oneself when seeing tHe eyes the symbol of Death Demise i SEee everywhere Hell Hell heLL

Entry #6

Entry #3,4m and 5 were never found.

I wander around HoPing to find civilization no sign I grow hungry and week no telling on how long It has BeEN. I could have slept for a week as far As one knows The Figure keeps me awake at nights I try to look for him in morn but to no avail TonNight i will try to StaY awakE to find ThE fiGure The Days that have past Have No Reason Or Rhyme just Day after Day wandering and wandering trying to remember

Entry #6.5

This one was written at Night.

I saw the figure He knows I AM awake he can sense me, feel me. I wait for him Waiting with knife in Hand Being watched is so very scaRy

Entry# 7

I am guessing that soon the Man went completey insane. The symbol was found written all around the page.

I haVe been severely injured The Figure attacked stabbing me of what appeared to be claws Blood drips from my foot. I do not think I can go on If any one finds this get me out of hell.


I have suspected now the Man has Schziophrenia due to Hallaucinations.

I see A woman and children playing in front of me THeY are not real I feel as if the Figure is playing tricks

Can't stand PaIn I must get a hold of self This madhouse This complete Hell I cannot bear no longer

Entry #9

Final Entry found. What I read shocked me.

I fall into deep Slumper Open Eyes a bit and See the Figure Approach I quickly jump up and chase the figure down The figure moves quick and disappears into the darkness I stab sand with the knife Screaming with Pain God is no HelP to us All Hell Hell. The Figure slowly approaches behind and I quickly stab the figure. I look down and the bloody body and it seems to be a human wearing a dark black costume. I remove the mask To find myself. It is me just me just like staring into a mirror Pure shock fills me i slowly lose my mind and finally in this last entry i prepare to stab myself. Get ME HElp me hell is coming soon after a millenioum you will find that death and hEll itslef in yOU run while you still can kill oneslef before hell aproaches Goodbye.

The entries end here.


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