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Baby Monitor

My husband and I had a baby a little over a year ago and he’s just starting to be able to say his first word. ‘Mommy’, though he can’t pronounce it well yet. It sounds like he’s saying ‘bommy’, but just the fact that he’s learning so fast makes us both proud. He’s a great kid too.

During the day he almost never cries, and at night he hasn’t cried once. Or so we thought. The other day my husband realized he left his cell phone in the baby’s room right before we went to sleep. He went in and got it, but I noticed that I didn’t hear him on the baby monitor. When he came back to bed he told me that the baby was crying and calling out for me. Apparently our baby monitor wasn’t working anymore.

So that night we let the baby sleep in our room and the next day we went out and bought a brand new one. We set it up and it worked fine. Later that night we were woken up to the baby crying and calling out “Bommy! Bommy!”

My husband said he would go check on him since I had work early in the morning. Just as he walked out of our room the baby monitor cut out. Again I could hear nothing, and this monitor was brand new. After about ten minutes of hearing nothing I decided to go check it out myself.

When I walked into the baby’s room, my husband wasn’t there. The baby was still crying, “Bommy Bommy!”. I walked over and picked him up. I called out to my husband but heard no answer. Then I heard the closet door creek open behind me.

I spun around and saw my husbands lifeless body fall out and crash to the floor. My baby continued crying out, “Bommy! Bommy!” Then a shadowy figure stepped out from behind my husband’s limp body. I held my baby tight and backed up against the wall.

The stranger bent down and yanked a buck knife out of my husband’s back. He took a few steps closer and said, “Hi, I’m Bobby….”

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