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I’m terrified of my grandparents’ house. Literally I refuse to go there. I’m 22 now and live in another state but I still get scared at the thought of my old bedroom.

When I was around 16 I lived with my grandparents. One afternoon we were watching TV (they live in a double wide trailer), the front door for no reason just opened as if someone was walking in. My papa (grandfather) jokingly said “come on in”.

Worst decision of his life. A couple days later my mimi (grandmother) started noticing things going missing. She would place her coffee cup in the morning on the island and then, in her words. the coffee cup would ‘disappear later to be found still hot’. My papa doesn’t believe in ghosts so we never really said anything about the odd misplacements.

Then I started to notice things. My bedroom wall which connects to the wall where the bathroom was would groan at night as if someone was pressing against it. I would have moments where I literally felt someone staring at me, which was obviously unsettling.

But it was never anything until I saw “it”. I was walking down the hallway to my room (the bathroom was the last door on your left and my room was straight ahead) and when I passed the bathroom, in the bathtub was what looked like to be a boy just sitting there. When I turned my head, nothing would be there, but once I’d noticed the boy, things got much more interesting.

I would wake up to breathing on my face and the feeling of getting pressed into the bed. Whispered voices telling me to “ LEAVE AND GET OUT”. The door would open and shut by itself. The handle at times would just rattle. The TV changing channels when no one was touching the controller.

I started sleeping at my mom’s. It wasn’t until my papa- the one guy who would talk himself blue with the fact that ghosts are not real- sat me down and told me what he was experiencing.

Late at night, he would be reading and he would hear footsteps from the very end of my hall all the way to his bedroom door (we have tiles throughout the house minus the rooms). He would call out to me, telling me to go back to bed and the footsteps would get loud and they would run back to my side of the house. Once my papa said he went to go check to see why I was up but I wasn’t home that night, and my papa said that my room felt so evil and that he was not welcome at all. My mimi has dolls, porcelain dolls by the dozen, and papa would tell me how the dolls would look like they were turning towards him and he would hear laughter and then footsteps leading back to my bedroom.

It may not seem like its terrifying to you but to a 16 year old who has never experienced anything of this magnitude was horrible. I moved in with my mother shortly after my papa told me that. When I speak to him on the phone sometimes he tells me that he is still hearing the footsteps at night and recently this “thing” has been knocking pictures and items off the walls and tables.

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