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Garlic doesn’t affect them or holy relics.Water only gets them wet and they prefer their steaks rare; very very rare.

No, the one thing that really gets a vampire is cold, hard steel. Like that of a sleek lightweight katana or an ancient medieval sword. It’s not enough to just slash or stab a vamp to kill it . Their heads must be severed completely from their bodies. Than heads and bodies must burned until all that is left is ash.

Aaron knew this, he was a quick and efficient killer. Dispatching the heads of vampires was quite easy. The trick was carefully throwing their still biting heads into the flaming pit. As well as tackling their upright, headless walking bodies and hurling them in too.

It took Aaron a few hours to complete the task but it was done. Three of the last four vamps on the planet, now lay in his burning pit. He smiled at his accomplishment and said to himself , “Now, there is no more competition left. ”

Credits to: AMCWrites


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