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Below are the list of collection of stories I've read so far, not counting what I've read this year:

“Shivers” Collection (M.D. Spenser)-
1. Ghosts of Camp Massacre
2. The Awful Apple Orchard
3. Your Momma’s A Werewolf
4. Lost in Dreamland
5. Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner?
6. The Animal Rebellion
7. The Locked Room
8. Terror on Troll Mountain
9. Ghost Writer
10. The Thing in Room 601
11. Shriek Home Chicago
12. The Spider Kingdom
13. Beast Underneath the Boardwalk
14. Night of the Goat Boy
15. Babyface & The Killer Mob
16. Beware the Bog Girl
17. Watch ‘Em Kill
18. Terror On Tomahawk Island
19. The Curse In The Jungle
20. Camp Fear
21. Pool Ghoul
22. The Forgotten Farmhouse
23. One Foot in the Grave
24. Weirdo Waldo’s Wax Museum
25. A Walking nightmare
26. The Terrible Terror Book
27. The Ghosts Of Devil’s Marsh
28. A Ghostly Playmate
29. Creepy Clothes
30. Madness at the Mall
31. The Secret Of Fern Island
32. A Ghastly Shade of Green
33. The Mystic’s Spell
34. The Curse of The New Kid
35. The Enchanted Attic (Not read yet)
36. The Haunting House (Not read yet)

“Famous Five” Collection (Enid Blyton)-
1. Five On A Treasure Island
2. Five Go Adventuring Again
3. Five Run Away Together
4. Five Go To Smuggler’s Top
5. Five Go Off In A Caravan
6. Five On Kirrin Island Again
7. Five Go Off To Camp
8. Five Get Into Trouble
9. Five Fall Into Adventure
10. Five Go On A Hike Together
11. Five Have A Wonderful Time
12. Five Go Down To The Sea
13. Five Go To Mystery Moor
14. Five Have Plenty Of Fun
15. Five On A Secret Trail
16. Five Go To BillyCock Hill
17. Five Get Into A Fix
18. Five On Finniston Farm
19. Five Go To Demon’s Rocks (Not read yet)
20. Five Have A Mystery To Solve
21. Five Are Together Again

“Secret Seven” Collection (Enid Blyton)-
1. The Secret Seven
2. Secret Seven Adventure
3. Well Done, Secret Seven
4. Secret Seven On The Trail
5. Go Ahead, Secret Seven
6. Good Work, Secret Seven
7. Secret Seven Win Through
8. Three Cheers, Secret Seven
9. Secret Seven Mystery
10. Puzzle for the Secret Seven
11. Secret Seven Fireworks
12. Good Old Secret Seven
13. Shock For The Secret Seven
14. Look Out, Secret Seven
15. Fun For The Secret Seven

“A Series Of Unfortunate Event” Collection (Lemony Snicket)-
1. The Bad Beginning
2. The Reptile Room
3. The Wide Window
4. The Miserable Mill
5. The Austere Academy
6. The Ersatz Elevator
7. The Vile Village
8. The Hostile Hospital
9. The Carnivorous Carnival
10. The Slippery Slope

“Harry Potter” Collection (J.K. Rowling)-
1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
6. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


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