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I used to be a member of ENCHANTI or AIMLESS (after they remade their layout and webpage) in which I engage in RPG in forums with different characters online. Before I get to the stories that I've compiled after I got bored of the forum and left, this is my character:

Character Name: Zaigar (or sometimes Althea, whichever fits)

Race: Half-Breed

Alignment: 90% bad, 10% good

Age: 21 years

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has long dark-brown hair with metallic dark blue skin and cold golden yellow eyes. Since she's only a half-breed, she has 10 fingers and 10 toes like a human but long pointed ears and tail and wings like a gargoyle. She is often seen with a bow and arrow given by her mother, but you'll never know what extra weapons she has under her sleeves. She wears black shin pads, knee pads and ties black ribbons around her wrists to cover the scars from her damned past. She has the ability to remain mobile even in the morning if she has a strong will to do it, unlike gargoyles who turn to stone regardless they are under the sun or not.

Personality: Since she is 90% bad and 10% good, don't expect her to help you unless there is something in it for her. She is usually calm and collected, or more like cold and distant, but when you get on her nerves she will definitely stake you, no questions asked. You rarely see her smile, unless it's a cold smirk after seeing your life disintegrate in her blade and she rarely jokes. Talking to her is like talking to Prof. Snape from Harry Potter, if you please.

History: She was born from a gargoyle mother and a human father. Her father was a hunter when he discovered her mother bruised and battered. He nursed her mother back to health and you can expect what they did. Her mother disappeared after she was healed and only returned dead at her father's doorsteps again holding her in her arms. Apparently the gargoyle clan was furious of her having a child with a human and tortured her to death. Zaigar was raised and trained as a hunter like her father and mastered it pretty well. Her father died in one of his hunting games and she was left alone to fend herself since.

She then secretly fell in love with an elf and had tried to confess her love to him, but was unfortunately rejected. They still remained best of friends until one of his gang members, who had a distaste for half-breeds, framed her of a crime she didn't commit. The elf believed him and tortured her before stabbing her with a flaming dagger. Zaigar survived and managed to kill the elf in revenge but her love for him still lingered, which is why she covered her scars and never let them heal properly. Since that fateful day, her entire personality had changed into what have mentioned above, unable to find peace in her heart again.


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